Painting with Fire The art of patinization. With Nathan Bennett
using grinders, blowtorches, and chemicals to create art
snapshots of life Art can be like snapshots of an artist's life.
I create images that best capture my inner workings


Nathan Bennett, Master Patinuer

Mastering the art of patina.

In times past, I would have had the title sorcerer, alchemist, conjurer, or magician. A strange man eking out life in a dingy room. All around me secret formulas written on walls, scratched into cabinets, and scribed on stained manuscripts. Fire and vials filled with liquid or rocks with the ability to kill, permeate the hot and stench filled room. In modern times, I am called a Master Patineur.


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Nathan BennettMaster Patinuer

"Art should be like snapshots of an artist's life," explains Nathan Bennett. "I create images that best capture the inner workings of me, my soul, and my thoughts. As a young boy, I remember a particular sunset deep with color...golds, reds, and blues."

These works born of fire and mineral are the dream of a young man. "I told my father that I wished I could paint so that I could make something as beautiful as those sunsets. He told me, 'don't worry, someday you will be able to….' From that evening to today, I have looked at the sky in a different way. The moon, the stars, and tree branches all silhouetted by an amber sky. That night became the reason, the demand, that I had in my soul to be an artist." Read more

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Cannon BeachSpring Unveiling

Don't forget to join us for the Spring Unveiling at Bronze Coast Gallery in Cannon Beach, May 2nd-4th. Nathan will be doing a patina demo as well as unveiling his new sculptures and patina paintings. Come see us!